ENCOM GROUP  a holding company which provides a full range of services and solutions according to the realization of energy-efficient and alternative energy projects. ENCOM GROUP considers its primary mission to preserve, and to enhance the achievements of energy, industry and Ukrainian science and makes everything possible Ukrainian economy  become more energy effective and competitive in the new conditions. It is expressed in making of effective power-saving and climate-friendly decisions in the energy industry, which are demanded by Ukrainian enterprises and are investment attractive. The company was founded in 2007 and has a good experience in designing and realization of projects of any complicity.

                ENCOM GROUP actively develops projects of construction of wind and solar power plants, mini hydropower plants, construction of cogeneration plants, operating on gas, derived from municipal solid waste, the introduction of mini-projects of thermal power plants working on biogas obtained from fermentation of organic waste, as well as projects on the use of geothermal energy.